The majority of Rental track managers have started their business by taking over an existing facility, or by inheriting the track and the work from their parents. However, every year hundreds of new structures are built around the world, projects that start from a completely blank sheet and that are born according to the budget […]

Although many outdoor tracks work with Rental karts all year round, many others have a peak of activity in summer time and during autumn and winter they can plan what will be their next season. More or less the same process, but with reversed seasons, applies to indoor tracks which have their peak of activity […]

In-depth market analysis conducted on a sample of over 150 international rental track managers, have shown some of the priorities they look for when talking about a rental kart. First of all, it should be pointed out that karting is the main tool on which track managers build their business and therefore it can be […]

When talking about technical products quality indicates the ability of the product itself to satisfy the consumer’s expectations regarding a determined and specific use. If you are referring to a rental kart, the conventional parameters to measure the quality of the product are the duration and the reliability of each technical component, depending on the […]

The CRG rental chassis line, both with 4-stroke karts and with electric ones, continues to grow in terms of market share. These positive data for the first half of the year, despite the effects of the pandemic that have affected the entire karting sector in the last 48 months, are achieved by focusing on three […]

It will be sold out, but must of all the 2021 edition of the 24 Hours Karting of Italy scheduled in Adria for the 5th and 6th June will be amazing. 40 crews will compete on the track with the CRG Centurions provided by CRG, the factory that has been organizing and managing this important […]

It may look like a trivial question or one with a simple answer, but as far as it refers to a rental kart fleet, this eternal compromise, which guides purchasing decisions in many sectors, is not so obvious. There are many different assessments and premises to be considered indeed. CRG marketing staff, together with some […]

There is a growing expectation for the 24 Hours Karting of Italy and the official entry list has now risen to 30 confirmed teams. There are therefore 10 places left to take part in the endurance event of the year, scheduled on the Adria racetrack on the 5th and 6th June. The ingredients for a […]

First quarter 2021 data confirms a constant growth trend of CRG’s Rental Division in the USA. For over 3 years Centurion go-karts in the 4-stroke engine configuration have been among the best-selling rental karts in the United States, but starting with the second half of last year, the product that has mostly increased its presence […]