For over 20 years we have been studying and creating tailor-made solutions for sector operators in the RENTAL world: owners and managers of Rental tracks or franchise owners. We do it with the passion and know-how that only a market leader like CRG can do, providing our partners and customers with professionalism and superior technology. […]

One of the main parameters for measuring the success of a product is its ability to meet the needs of its target audience. CRG Centurion was born with the specific objective of achieving this goal, placing the managers’ needs (and the customers’ expectations) of the Rental Kart tracks at the center of the development work. […]

After the well-known events which resulted in the closure of the Adria track, where the 24 Hours Karting of Italy organized and promoted by CRG historically took place, the 7 Laghi track in Castelletto di Branduzzo (PV) has been chosen by CRG to take up the baton and will become the new setting of this […]

There’s always a very timely topic in a debate among motorsport enthusiasts: how to enjoy your passion in an active way? More specifically: how can I be the protagonist of the sport that fascinates me on TV, on social media, on specialized magazines? For some of us, a “console” is enough, but we are always […]

There are specific reasons behind the success of the 24 Hours Karting of Italy, which are the result of those choices shared with the teams that are the great protagonists of this prestigious event and that over the years made possible to identify a format that stands out from the classic Rental races, raising the […]

crg centurion rental kart divertimento

Passion for engines is among the most widespread in the world and F1 is among the five most popular sports. Karting, in addition to being the entry point for every future driver of the highest class of racing, is also the discipline that every motorsport enthusiast can practice more easily. While some sports are easier […]

24 hours karting of italy 2022 castelletto di branduzzo

Following the confirmation that the reopening of the Adria track will be anything but short, CRG has formalized the relocation for its 24 hour Karting, confirming the new venue at the 7 Laghi track in Castelletto di Branduzzo. At the same time, to reconcile the calendars, it was also necessary to change the date, moving […]

crg e drenaline electric kart

The company RL-Competition, an historical partner of CRG in the Racing sector in Germany, from this year will also manage direct consultancy for the German market for what concerns the innovative electric CRG E-Drenaline kart. The first step of this collaboration promoted by Robin Landgraf (CEO of RL-Competition) will see the opening of the E-Drenalin […]