IAS: Impact Absorption System


Basements are often a source of unfathomable surprises. CRG’s “basement” certainly is. If you wander around the storage depot at the Italian company’s headquarters, you’ll find a dusty kart from the 1980s sitting in a corner.


How it works

Here you can see how the system introduced by CRG in 1994 works.



Upon close inspection, you’ll see it’s not just any “old” kart, but a historic rental kart by CRG: a ground-breaking concentrate of innovation applied to the rental world that revolutionized the safety factor, a key element of the rental market.




How? Thanks to a simple, but ingenious protection system featuring two gliding leaf springs, one up front and one in the rear, that allowed to absorb impact and dampen shocks like never before, thus taking safety standards to a whole new level. Introduced over thirty years ago, the CRG solution opened the way to a new generation of rental karts that are now sold all over the world.


The comparison

The 1994 system compared with the new one