Big-size fun!

With its XL seat, the Big Foot model makes the Centurion rental line complete for plus-size drivers! Extra comfort is guaranteed by the seat’s high-grip soft-feel liner, which keeps the driver from sliding while driving.

Quick and easy pedal adjustment

The Centurion Big Foot is equipped with an ingenious pedal adjustment system that differs from that of the Centurion Senior, engineered to make seat positioning quick and easy, while contributing to lower overall weight for enhanced performance.

Engine: back and center with extra protection

To optimize the use of space and at the same time guarantee top-notch performance and the best drive feel possible, the engine has been positioned back and center behind the driver seat. An additional rear bumper installed in correspondence with the engine guarantees extra protection.

Maximum protection. Always!

Like every model in the Centurion line of the R2R Program, the Big Foot is equipped with a full-body bumper system engineered to guarantee differentiated impact absorption. Find out more.

Front brakes for extra safety

With a plus-size driver on board, the Big Foot requires greater braking force. This is why the brake pedal (on the left) operates brakes on both axles, rear and front.



Rental kart tracks that hope to attract a large volume of customers should be equipped with a fleet that can welcome all kinds of drivers. The Big Foot was created with precisely this principle in mind.



molybdenum, 32 mm diameter tubing


solid, 30 mm diameter

Brake system

front and rear, self-ventilated, with hydraulic self-adjustment system and gas shut-off functions

Steering assembly

standard shaft and nylon tie rods




with adjustment system


twin LED stop-lights


fuel pump


with silencer

Clutch oil

10-W-30 300ml

Engine oil

10-W-30 1LT


choice of belt-drive or chain-drive



Rear tyres 

Vega / Dunlop

Front tyres

Vega / Dunlop

Bumper kit

differentiated impact absorption


thermoformed plastic with CRG stickers


Honda GX270