A market research conducted on a sample of over 100 Rental tracks has identified three key points that have led many Rental track managers to make a choice in favor of electric karts for their circuits. It is worth saying that the transition from 4-stroke petrol-powered engines, compared to 100% electric power trains, is currently a process that is affecting more and more indoor tracks, while outdoor ones still remain predominantly on fleets with 4-stroke engines. The trend on indoor track is really marked and for this reason we have investigated what are the driving reasons for this evolution of the market.

Before going to the reasons for buying a fleet of electric karts, however, we have to made a necessary premise that almost all the interviewed track managers share: technology of an electric kart in the last 5 years has made enormous strides, first of all improving reliability, but at the same time also battery life and improving recharging times.

Having said this, 65% of the managers who were interviewed, has underlined how the choice of an electric kart in an indoor track today meets the needs of an increasingly sensitive public to pollution issues and the possibility of having karts that do not emit polluting gases and are not noisy, has greatly increased the well-being of the guests on the track and the use of these karts also by the youngest and by the female public.

The second reason of choice for over 55% of the interviewees was determined by becoming aware of the technological contents that an electric Rental Kart possesses. We can speak of an important generational gap, compared to a kart equipped with a 4-stroke petrol engine, since the electric kart, taking the CRG E-Drenaline model as a reference, has an F1-type LED steering wheel, recharges the batteries when braking, the boost system for overtaking, the electronic differential, software to manage their power from Junior to pro and many other features that take these karts to a much more engaging level of experience for the public. Furthermore, the quick battery change system was introduced in favor of the managers, which effectively avoids the need to have a double fleet. The most demanding Rental track managers, who have above all invested money to create the latest generation of indoor circuits, in which quality entertainment is a priority on offer to the public, have been captivated by the technological contents of modern electric karts and find them more functional to your business model and vision.

Finally, in the face of a higher purchase cost than a traditional Rental one, many have assessed as concrete and determined, both the savings in terms of petrol costs and the reduced maintenance that an electric kart requires.

The first step in getting to know the potential of an electric kart is to try it and CRG has set up a test drive service with its own commercial structure, to take this first step towards getting to know these vehicles that are bringing the world of Rental Kart in a new dimension: the one of the future.

For more information about the CRG electric Rental kart range, please send an e-mail to rental@kartcrg.com